Thursday, 26 April 2012

Drawings + Model


Progress Drawings

Patchwork/Maze presentation


Public Spaces - Taller framed cubes

Private Spaces - Shorter closed cubes

Different Spaces

Light and Shade

Basement Level

Entrance Level

Raised Ground Level

First Level

Roof Level


3 Strategic Aspects + Inspiration

1. Dimensional and Geometric Systems - Relationship between the detail to the whole
  • Relationship of geometry to the patterns of occupation
  • Relationship of geometry to domestic activities
  • Relationship of Geometry to Dimansion
  • Relationship of the small spaces to the whole house
  • Relationship of the whole house to the surrounding environment

2. Raumplan Design
  • Hierarchy of ceiling heights
  • Hierarchy of performance
  • Relationship of height to domestic activities
  • Relationship of height to function/use
  • Relationship of height to form/geometry

3. Public and Private spaces
  • Hierarchy of performance
  • Hierarchy of program
  • Relationship of privacy to height
  • Relationship of privacy to performance
  • Relationship of privacy to light

Main Ideas :
  • Separating each level of Villa Muller and placing them in one horizontal line.
  • Showing all the different ceiling heights according to the privacy and function of the spaces.
  • Making a relationship between the role of a building to its urban context, and the relationship of each space within the building to the whole.
  • Patchwork and maze presentation of hierarchies by using different shades.
  • Inspiration by Steven Hall's watercolour drawings.
  • Inspiration by Gordon Matta clarck - Split House to photomontage the model using light.

Project 2

Initial Thinking Process