Thursday, 8 November 2012

Project 4

Developed Master Plan
The main concept behind designing this Music Theatre is to connect the nature with the building and vice versa. This is achieved by;
  • Using the current sloped natural landscape as the land
  • Separating the functions into different buildings, so that the visitors can move from one building to the other by passing through the landscape
  • Locating each building on different level to give the visitors a variety of feelings; on the ground, underground, cantilevered above the river and cantilevered above the landscape
  • Building passageways on the sloped ground, which gives people different options to chose from and walk to their destination
  • Constructing structural tunnels with side openings on the passageways to make the visitors experience nature and built form at the same time
  • Making the building roofs curved with the same slope as the land