Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Asher Bilu

"I have chosen to deal with abstraction because for me it provides the freedom to explore the unknown. To paint figuratively is to paint what I already know or have seen before. The language of abstraction is universal (as is the language of music) and can be accessible to anyone who takes the time to see. I want to use this language to express the beauty and the mysteries of our existence in an infinite universe of which we are only a small part. I hope my optimism and love of life will be contagious."

He creates three different types of artworks; Paintings, Installation arts and Sculptures. So I design his gallery in a way that all the spaces are appropriate for displaying the artworks. Also, as his artworks are mostly large in size, he needs to have an easy access from his working space to the gallery, as well as a large loading area. These are achieved by making his working area the same lebel as the gallery space, and recessing the entrance door to his apartment, so that it allows for a great sized loading zone at the front of the house.

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