Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Project 3 - Initial Thoughts

Initial Thoughts - Doble House + Garden

  • Taking the idea of Raumplan Design from Villa Muller
  • Seprataing the public, private and semi-private areas
  • Considering the surrounding neighbourhood to decide on the number of levels, dimensioninig materiality, programs, shapes and forms, entrance and access to the building, views, etc
  • Considering the relationship of the building to the landscape
  • Creating different areas in the gallery for displaying different types of artworks
  • Using the view of the City in the building
  • Using natural light as part of the design
  • Considering the role of art in the life of the building

Influences and precedent studies :

  • Villa Muller
  • Steven Holl's Drawings
  • Gordon Matta Clark - Splitting House
  • John Wardle - Vineyard House
  • The Sculpture Garden - Australian National Gallery
  • Japanese Gardens
  • Tadao Ando - Azuma House

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